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Prescription – Assessments v tax debt

Taxpayers raising the procedural defence of prescription to a notification from SARS demanding tax payment of an amount of some historic tax year must distinguish between a prescribed assessment and a historic tax debt, since different prescription periods apply. For...

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Non-meritorious additional assessments

Tax Ombud’s report 2020 Tucked away in point 38.2 of the sixty-one-page Report and occupying only a half-page is, in my experience of the tax dispute-resolution process, a valuable finding and recommendation by the Tax Ombud, on non-meritorious additional assessments:...

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Third party tax debt recovery by SARS

Recent case In circumstances in which a taxpayer fails to pay a ‘tax debt’ (defined in s 1 read with s 169(1) of the Tax Administration Act as being an amount due or payable to SARS), a senior SARS official may, under s 179, issue a notice to a third party holding a...

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